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Free Shipping With Every Order over $100

E1 Energy

TLM Research



  Energy- Energy in a pill. E1 is a dietary supplement intended to give you a boost of energy and increase mental awareness and focus. E1 Energy is specifically formulated for those who want a source of energy that lasts all day (roughly 8 hours). The consumer has the option of taking anywhere from 1-4 capsules of E1 Energy. We highly recommend starting with 1 capsule and working your way up to 2 capsules (one serving). Do not take E1 Energy with any other stimulant sources. E1 is a very strong, stimulant based energy and focus product that should be taken by itself at a full dose. If you are looking to get more focus than energy, we recommend taking 1 capsule of E1 energy with 4 capsules of F1 Focus. Take 2 capsules (one serving) prior to your desired increase of energy.*

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