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Free Shipping With Every Order over $100


TLM Research

M1 is our insanely Focus-driven, high energy product and a strong thermogenic-stimulant-based pre-workout. M1 is for stimulant junkies that want to feel like they just got high with insane focus and energy.

M1 is literally the strongest DMAA-Free pre-workout on the market. And it still competes with products that do have DMAA because it has generous doses of:

  • Hordenine: Intense energy and focus
  • Dendrobium: Intense energy and focus
  • Caffeine at 400mg: Get you wired and focused
  • Choline Bitartrate: 750 mg, providing more focus and delaying fatigue
  • Alpha Yohimbine: the strongest ingredient in the formula, also known as Rauwolscine 90% which is dosed at the highest legal amount possible ... 4 mg per serving.

All those ingredients are thermogenic, they are all fat burning and you will feel warm as a result. You will feel the effects of the M1 20 minutes after you consume it. It has a gradual increase in energy, with no sudden crash. M1's serving size is a 3.7 gram scoop, however don't let the size fool you. We always recommend people first trying M1 to start with a half scoop to see how you feel before you move up to a full scoop.

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